Our Farm...

Neon Aquariam was founded by Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe on 1985. He started the Aquarium in a small area at that time in Kotte.When He got Expierienced,In 2004 he built his new farm in Magammana such a excellent Location. It is Around 2.5 acres with nice paddy field and all the facilities to breeding.

Our Head...
Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe

Everyone knows him as "Shakthi".In his path he is very successfull, Because of his strenth,his knowledge, his skills and his ideas.


Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe

Everyone known him as "Shakthi".In his path, he is very successfull, Because of his strenth,knowledge,skills and his ideas. In 1985, when he was very young and only he had his streanth.He made his tanks himself and started a small aquarium in his home town Beddagana.And step by step he went to the success through his experience.

When the time goes ,Shakthi improve his knowledge about ornamental fish and also about birds. And he gained his skills about animal caring.Now he is with over 25 years experience about the field.

In his farm, he instruct to new students and new comers to the field. Now his son Mr.Tharindu Samarasinghe is also in the field. He gained his knowledge through his father's experience and he is studying about the field. Mr.Shakthi always trying to create new varieties. His new lab is always ready for that.

He is well known as a fish breeder and also he is well experienced for that. He always trying to exchange his ideas with others. If anyone wants to get some instructions about the field, Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe is always ready for that.

Contact Mr: Sathyajith Samarasinghe - 0775125880