Our Farm...

Neon Aquariam was founded by Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe on 1985. He started the Aquarium in a small area at that time in Kotte.When He got Expierienced,In 2004 he built his new farm in Magammana such a excellent Location. It is Around 2.5 acres with nice paddy field and all the facilities to breeding.

Our Head...
Mr.Sathyajith Samarasinghe

Everyone knows him as "Shakthi".In his path he is very successfull, Because of his strenth,his knowledge, his skills and his ideas.


Available Services from Neon Aquarium

Fingerlings For Mudponds ( for sale)
fingerlings from fresh high quality parents. Farmers who have some mud ponds can contact to the neon farm and they can buy fingerlings for their mud ponds.

Healthy Parent fish for Breeding ( for sale)
High Quality parent fish (breeders) available for sale. For good quality and healthy fingerlings There parents should be healthy. For any fish breeding contact us.

Fish Foods Available ( for sale)
Foods for fish is available in Neon Aquarium. You can buy foods from us.

Aquatic Plants ( for sale)
This is our on going project. Neon staff always trying to make good quality products to the customer.Now they made aquatic plantation and they can provide their products to the customer soon.